If you’re willing to ask tough questions about injustice, buck the status quo and make a real difference in the world—our beginner’s Rhythm of Life for Justice and Peace is for you. Our Rhythm of Life will help you to discern places of human pain and injustice and be activated as an instrument of justice to express agape love for the good of others. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of time or energy. This Rhythm of Life for Justice and Peace is designed for people with full and active lives. You’ll do a simple, formative activity in the morning, choose awareness throughout the day, and conclude your evening with reflection. If you’d like, you can connect online with people who are doing it too. Just use the hashtag #myjusticejourney. Or join our private Facebook page to learn from and share with others engaged in developing their own Rhythm of Life.

A Rhythm of Life will help you:


yourself and your day to God and others.


the presence of God.


when you are moving in harmony with the Spirit.


opportunities to be an agent of hope, healing and justice.

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"What Is a Rhythm of Life—and Why Do I Need One?"

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What is Biblical Justice?

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