Nourish Retreat

2022 Nourish Retreat

2022 Nourish Retreat

Join Us for Nourish Retreat

goodness and rest

Imagine for a moment a dying plant. Dry dirt, brittle and discolored leaves, stunted growth. Now watch the plant experience rescue in the form of a new, larger container, damp, rich soil, and plenty of water. Can you see it coming back to life? Can you picture it growing towards the sun–up and out–with fresh strength?

Do you feel like that plant after a busy, brutal season of disillusionment, conflict, sickness, or trauma? If you are awake, you are tired. And if you are engaged in working for justice and peace on earth, you need refreshment.

Living and working in the midst of ongoing injustice and discord takes a toll. The spirit grows faint, the heart fills with dismay, and bones become out of joint. Exhaustion, disillusionment, and withdrawal create barriers to connection and to compassionate action. We are, individually and collectively, frayed at the edges.

NOURISH Retreat meets scarcity with generosity, weariness with rest, ashes with beauty, broken hearts with balm.

Our hope is to set a table of welcome and rest that celebrates the manifold beauty of the church and invites connection with God, neighbor, and self.  We invite you to a weekend of restorative, restful, and encouraging moments and practices. The weekend will be structured to give ample time for both rest and reflection, in solitude and with others, indoors as well as outside in the beautiful surroundings, trusting that each participant will receive what they most need from our time together.

Our intention is to host an interdenominational gathering of men and women of all ages, means, and ethnicities in a safe, brave, and supportive environment of beauty and connection. 

Led by diverse speakers, leaders, and practitioners, NOURISH Retreat seeks to invite your body, mind, and soul to goodness and rest. You are called to good work in the world and our hope is that NOURISH Retreat gives you what you need to keep doing it.

  • Friday September 16 — Sunday September 18, 2022
  • Registration Begins at 4:00 p.m. on Friday
  • Retreat Concludes at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday


Fly into the Nashville International Airport (BNA), a 40-minute drive to our venue. Email Katie if you require transportation from the airport to the Lodge.


We designed the retreat for adults engaged in justice issues. The content and structure of the retreat is best engaged without children present. If you have any questions, email Katie.


The retreat will be held at the newly renovated Lodge inside Montgomery Bell State Park. All rooms are fully remodeled and sit on the banks of Lake Acorn. A full-service restaurant and bar is also located on site.