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linda royster + Dan allender

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Linda Royster, LCMHC, is the Strategic Alliances Manager and a Lead Instructor with the Allender Center. Linda has been called to traumatized populations since 1997 and is deeply committed to the recovery, healing, and well-being of her people. She has worked with latency age children, adolescents, and adults in hospital, academic, and non-profit milieus, respectively. Linda holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology Graduate School and is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor who works therapeutically with a diverse clientele. Also, she authored the addendum of the 25th-anniversary re-release of Healing the Wounded Heart by Dr. Dan Allender. Her addendum addresses issues that African-American women survivors of childhood abuse might face.
Dr. Dan Allender is a pioneer of a unique and innovative approach to trauma and abuse therapy, The Allender Theory, which bridges the story of the gospel and the stories of trauma and abuse that mark so many. Dan continues to serve as Professor of Counseling Psychology at The Seattle School. Dan is the author of The Wounded Heart, The Healing Path, To Be Told, and God Loves Sex, and he has co-authored several books with Dr. Tremper Longman, including Intimate Allies, The Cry of the Soul, Bold Love, Bold Purpose. Most recently, he co-authored Redeeming Heartache: How Past Suffering Reveals True Calling with Cathy Loerzel. Dan also co-hosts The Allender Center’s weekly podcast with Rachael Clinton Chen.

About the Allender Center: At the Allender Center, everything we do is rooted in the belief that true, lasting healing of even our deepest wounds is possible. This is central to our understanding of the gospel story. Our mission is to foster redemption and healing in individuals, couples, and communities by helping them tell their stories with awareness and integrity while also training leaders and professionals to engage the stories of others with courage, artistry, and care.

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“Racism is a projection. It comes from places of unhealed wounds.” —Linda Royster

“We are a story. It’s not that we just have stories. We are a story.” — Dan Allender