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Laura James

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Laura James has been working as a professional artist and illustrator for over twenty years. In addition to painting sacred images from various religions, she portrays women, families, and scenes of everyday life; blending intricate patterns, text, vibrant colors and sometimes surreal imagery into what she calls “art for the people.”

Laura is also a valuable member of her community, and is the originator and Executive Director of BX200: Bronx Visual Artists Directory, an online database of some of the Bronx’s best visual artists. Ms. James has recently completed a special commission for the American Museum of Natural History, as well as illustrations for her second children’s book. She lives and works in the Bronx, NY.


“Something that people will say about my work is that Jesus is right in there with the people. He’s not above. He’s not pointing fingers. He’s right in there with the people. And it’s not hard to imagine him that way because that’s what it says in the Bible.”