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Jon Guerra

Center for Formation Justice and Peace Jon Guerra Peace Talks Podcast


JON GUERRA is a Devotional Music Singer-Songwriter based in Austin, TX.  In 2020, he independently released, “Keeper of Days.” Guerra began describing his style as “devotional music” – a term he coined to refer to his musical style – as “less Sunday morning worship music, and more Monday morning prayer music.”

His 2023 album, “Ordinary Ways,” was critically acclaimed and won Best Album of The Year at the Gospel Coalition’s yearly round up. His songs have been described as, “contemporary Psalms with the earnestness of George Herbert, the reverent doubt of R.S. Thomas, the piercing acuity of Christian Wiman, and the determined vulnerability of St. Augustine’s Confession.” (Fr. Zac Koons, Mockingbird Magazine)

In addition to songwriting, Guerra, alongside his wife, Valerie, composed music for Terrence Malick’s “A Hidden Life” (2019). He is currently touring, writing for his next album, and enjoying tacos with his wife and daughter in the ever-balmy Texas hill country.


“I’m trying to be a person who is in touch with the mystery of God in prayer.