Formation, Justice and Peace

Formation, Justice and Peace


Definition: Spiritual formation for the Christ-follower refers to the Spirit-driven process of forming the inner world of the human self in such a way that it becomes like the inner being of Christ himself.—Dallas Willard

People don’t pursue justice and peace because they are not yet willing to do so. Even subconsciously, their hearts desire other things that lead to conflict, injustice, violence and evil.

To shape you to want to do good for the sake of others, we’ll get you started with a beginner’s Rhythm of Life that helps you activate a life of justice, leading to peace. This Rhythm gives you simple ways to be formed by Jesus’ words, works and manner of being, so you can love your neighbors and do good to your enemies.


Definition: God’s loving insistence on mending a marred world.

People—oppressed or oppressor alike—are first and foremost spiritual beings, not defined by social status, race, class, etc. God made us all by and for the work of love. We must see others through the lens of being made in God’s image, and treat them as such.

Here at the Center, we help each other become agents of hope, healing and rescue for the rising flood of injustice in today’s world. We introduce you to practitioners and activists who are formed well and loving well. As we grow as a community, we will build intentional, justice-oriented partnerships where each of you can contribute your time, energy and gifts.


Definition: In the Bible, peace is completeness, soundness, wholeness, contentment and a prevailing sense of wellbeing—enabling an inner life marked by quiet as opposed to noisy conflict.

As Christ-followers, peace is our beginning and end. The world was born in joyful peace, and the renewed heaven and earth will be saturated with peace. Until then, we seek to become persons of peace who bring wellbeing, inner calm and wholeness to people and everyday human interactions.