Peace Talks Podcast


Dennae pierre


Dennae Pierre is co-Director for the Crete Collective and leads the Surge Network in Arizona. She also serves as one of the Co-Directors for City to City North America. She has her MA from Covenant Theological Seminary and DMin from Western Theological Seminary (Holland, Michigan) and is the author of Healing Prayers to Resist a Violent World. Dennae is married to Vermon, the lead pastor at Roosevelt Community Church, a multi-ethnic church in downtown Phoenix and they have five children.


“And so it is interesting that the very thing we’re resisting so much, which is confession of sin, whether it’s corporate or individual or systemic, is one of the key first steps towards greater healing with each other.”


Vanessa: Dennea, it’s so good to be with you. Thanks for joining us.

Dennea: Yeah. Great to be with you guys as well.

Todd: Hey, Dennea.

Dennea: Hey, great to be with you guys.

Vanessa: So great to be with you today. I’m going to jump right in here if that’s all right. Dennea, if you wouldn’t mind just sharing with us a little bit about the specific type of justice work that you’re involved in and a little bit of how you came to this work in the first place.

Dennea: Yes. So I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. My mom’s family immigrated from Honduras and my dad’s family is from the East Coast. And I think throughout my journey being raised in the church both with a Spanish speaking grandma who was part of this bilingual Pentecostal church and then going to very different contexts with my dad and my family. I noticed early on the ways in which immigrants, especially in Phoenix, were viewed, looked down upon, talked to, and talked about. And really early on I noticed that there’s a lot of disconnect between Christians who believe this gospel of grace and their ability to then love people different from them. And so a lot of the divisions we were witnessing this past year, I remember noticing in elementary school as a kid.