Truly Good People

by Bishop Todd Hunter

In my new book Deep Peace, I write:

Certain things in human life lead to the degradation of people (such as racism and poorly treating immigrants), and these things need to change now. But as we work for change, we must consider this truth: incalculable harm has been done to human beings in the name of doing good. All we need to do is recall the various “isms” of the 20th century that led to world wars. We don’t see in scripture merely what needs fixing. We see God’s idea for how to fix it. His plan is “cruciform” in presence and “resurrection” in hope. We work against injustice best when we work out of transformed inner lives.

This means that as we seek to discern places of human pain and injustice and to activate the Church as God’s instrument of justice, willing the good of others, we would do best if we heed the wise words of Oscar Romero (The Violence of Love):

Let us not just shout slogans about new structures;
new structures will be worthless
without new persons to administer the new structures.

Seeking to be a truly good person is the only reliable path to deeds of justice and peace.

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