“An Activist’s Prayer” for Lent

Thicken my love.
Widen my heart.
Sharpen my analysis.
Enliven my praxis.
Embolden my voice.
Deepen my rest.
Lighten my heaviness.
Toughen my skin.
Soften my spirit.
Strengthen my friendships.
Lengthen my endurance.
Weaken my ego.
Awaken my soul.
Refreshen my vision.
Hearken to my weary voice, O God.
I am your friend & co-conspirator
in the struggle for a new world.

“An Activist’s Prayer” by Terrance Hawkins, an activist and faith leader in Winston-Salem, NC was excerpted from The Daily Prayer Project: Lent 2022: Volume 4 | Issue 3. Copyright ©2022 The Daily Prayer Project Press.

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