A Spirit-Led Community

by Bishop Todd Hunter

As we shape this Center for Formation, Justice and Peace, I hope to convene a community that is marked by a dual passion: 1) the formation of our souls into Christlikeness and 2) the pursuit of justice and peace. I am not sure yet exactly what tangible action this community will pursue, but I know a supportive community is necessary to achieve our goals.

For instance, among the things the Center will do is take action to care for certain groups of marginalized and oppressed people. That’s where we will look to our community and whom they feel called to engage. I want to be a true charismatic Christian here, and to discern our modes of direct action by the person of the Spirit, alive in a community of justice-and-peace seekers.

I know the Center will draw thinkers and leaders. But I also hope to work with lots of beginners, with people who are ready to quit on religion, or have done so, or who are skeptical about Christianity. The Center community, if my dream comes true, will be filled with people, coming from all sorts of starting places, who are trying to follow Jesus for the sake of others. Henri Nouwen (Reaching Out) helps to clarify this vision:

The movement from loneliness to solitude is not a movement of growing withdrawal but is instead a movement toward a deeper engagement in the burning issues of our time. The movement from loneliness to solitude can make it possible to convert slowly our fearful reactions into a loving response.

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