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Anthony Hendricks is the co-founder and director of The Public in Franklin, TN. Hendricks’ drive, passion, love for humanity, and analytical mind has helped him serve high-paced, innovative, strategically positioned ministries over the past 25 years. Following his career in the corporate space, he entered full-time ministry as the Assistant Pastor at a local Church in Franklin, TN where he helped build a thriving multi-ethnic body. He has helped other multi-ethnic ministries grow and thrive in other cities. The world of racial reconciliation became his calling, and he’s been engaging Christ-followers and non-Christ followers in honest conversation and action around the issue of biblical unity. Anthony holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL, where he graduated with honors, and a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership (summa cum laude), from Williamson College.


“My hope is that they’ll be cut to the heart and convicted and moved to action, not just on behalf of African Americans, but on behalf of the gospel. I think by and large people are more connected to the culture than they are to the cross. And that’s an unfortunate thing, but it’s true. And so you have people who end up responding to the cultural norm rather than clinging to the cross and becoming the peculiar people that we have been called to be.”



The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson