Peace Talks Podcast

special anniversary episode!


We’re celebrating one year of brave conversations about formation, justice and peace!

In this special Anniversary episode of Peace Talks, Director of Content and Community Katie Haseltine interviews hosts Vanessa Sadler and Bishop Todd Hunter!

Vanessa is a trauma-informed, certified spiritual director and Todd is an author, speaker and teacher who founded the Center and The Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others [C4SO].

They discuss their favorite Peace Talks guests, why formation is always central to justice, what catalyzes their own pursuit of justice and more. Bonus: Find out what makes Vanessa and Todd’s friendship so sweet!


“When I think about the way Jesus interacted with people in the Gospels, I see the way that while he always had concern for the individual in front of him, he also had the larger whole of cultural and systemic impact in mind.”

Vanessa Sadler